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spring planting

Spring has sprung here in Florida and we’ve been hard at work planting in our garden.  We find that when we plant our own food we not

6 Tips for Beating Eczema

Our food allergy story, like many of yours, began with unrelenting eczema. Itching. Scratching. Red, oozy spots. The doctor said it was

A Safe & Happy (Southern) Thanksgiving

Here in the South, meal time carries a sort of sacredness. Holidays call for weeks of preparation, freshly-ironed party dresses and

Our Kitchen

As we walked through the first time, we were drawn to it… Even with the inlaid laminate cabinets from the mid-80’s, we knew

My Moment of Honesty (Coming to terms with Celiac)

Moment of honesty:  After at least 8 years of bizarre health issues, gobs of testing, unexplained chronic malnourishment and four broken

Going Green (Our Elimination Diet)

Food. As allergy parents, we spend an awful lot of time thinking about it. What we’re going to eat, what we can’t eat, what could harm us

An Open Letter to the Big Guys

Earlier this week, our son had an allergic reaction. To what, you ask? We have no idea. We have picked our brains, interrogated family, and

A Day in the Life

Most days, we don’t feel like we are any different. We get up, get dressed, and brush our teeth like everyone else. But then there

Elephants, Inhalers, & Being “That Girl” (Experiences with adult asthma)

My only memories of that week are the sounds. The chirps of the monitors. Creaking of the door. The rhythmic popping on my back that

Like a Wildfire (A Father’s Wish)

Food Allergy Moms get a lot of love around here, but we thought today would be a good day to give some love to the men in our lives that

welcome to the new hollygardner.com!

Welcome to the all-new hollygardner.com! I couldn’t be more excited about the new look of this site and am incredibly thankful to our

Our Safe & Happy Family

Good morning, friends! The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind- there was the FARE Conference (more on that later), the launch of