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safe beauty

Back in fifth grade, I did a research paper on chemicals in cosmetics – despite not actually wearing any makeup, somehow the topic was

Epi-Pen Recall!

Howdy friends! We’ve been taking a hiatus from blogging because… life. We have lots of things planned to post about, but

6 Tips for Beating Eczema

Our food allergy story, like many of yours, began with unrelenting eczema. Itching. Scratching. Red, oozy spots. The doctor said it was

Holiday Countdown

Hello, friends! This month commemorates the one-year anniversary of our site launch. Can you believe it? We have met so many amazing people

My Moment of Honesty (Coming to terms with Celiac)

Moment of honesty:  After at least 8 years of bizarre health issues, gobs of testing, unexplained chronic malnourishment and four broken

Thrive: Jennifer Kurko

One of the08 favorite things that has happened since we’ve started this company is the new friends that we’ve met. There are a few people

Back to School Tips for Parents of Kids with Food Allergies

Pencils and backpacks and how fun Mrs. Smith may or may not be is all they’ll talk about lately. It’s back to school time and

Thrive: Kristen Chandler

Today we wanted to introduce you all to lovely lady, Kristen. Not only is she a food-allergy mom, but she is a member of the team at My

Kiss Freely (Product Review)

When we first began our food allergy journey, we were shocked to learn how many household items our son’s allergens were hidden in. Milk in

Hello, Long Beach!

This past month has gone by with a whirl, and before we even realized it we were packing our bags and heading off to Long Beach for the

The Big Birthday Surprise! (Product Review)

Now that our little guy is getting to the age where he can understand things more, we are looking for ways to help him understand his

Introducing: Food Allergy Journals!

Our lives drastically changed when our son was diagnosed with a life-threatening food allergy to milk protein.  However, after the initial