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spring planting

Spring has sprung here in Florida and we’ve been hard at work planting in our garden.  We find that when we plant our own food we not only have a lot of fun, but gain a real appreciation for where our food comes from.


Half the fun of gardening is planning out what we want to grow and busting out all the colorful garden tools.

The kids always love to lend a helping hand and take any opportunity to sow their own seeds.


We have tried a variety of different garden types, but what we currently use is a series of several raised-bed, square-foot gardens.  We constructed them out of cedar and now are up to four beds – three 4×4′ gardens and one 12×3′ bed.






My favorite thing is watching everyone work hard and get dirty. Well, mostly everyone…


And, of course, no garden is complete without a gnome!  We’re looking forward to another season of fresh veg and can’t wait to watch our little seeds grow!

– Holly




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