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heather & noel (engaged)

A few years ago, I met Heather on the job… The pretty little blonde was on assignment for the News Herald and I was working for a local company that was having a big press conference with Governor Rick Scott. It sounded easy enough, but when I got in the midst of the crowds I realized the lighting was awful, people were (literally) pushy, and I was feeling pretty out of my element. Heather was kind enough to guide me through the day and I was incredibly grateful for her, as I watched her navigate the crowds with ease. That day I gained a whole new appreciation for photojournalists… I knew they had a tough job, but I didn’t realize how different our lines of work really were. Since that day, I’ve always smiled when I’ve seen her images on the front page of the paper, or honked as I’ve driven by and seen her in the oddest places, hauling around her camera like it’s no big deal.

Recently, she became engaged to Noel in what may be one of the cutest proposal stories I’ve heard in a while. Shortly afterward, she contacted me about photographing her wedding. I have to confess feeling a little nervous – I always am when working with a fellow photographer- but particularly one that I know and whose work I follow. One recent evening at Camp Helen State Park we met up for their engagement session and I begged them to put away any preconceived notions and just trust me… Their session ended up being a ton of fun and we walked away with a ton of diverse photos, from glowy tree to pastel sunsets. Here are just a few from our evening together. Enjoy!

– Holly


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