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Our Kitchen

As we walked through the first time, we were drawn to it… Even with the inlaid laminate cabinets from the mid-80’s, we knew that our kitchen would be the center of our home. What we didn’t know was just how important our kitchen would become. Our kitchen is not just where we prepare meals. It’s where we talk… Where we dream… Where we pray… Where we nourish our bodies and souls and spend countless hours preparing meals that are not only tasty, but suitable our increasingly complicated dietary needs.

When our friend Gina Zeidler came to visit and photograph our family, she dug deep into finding out what makes our family tick and what things/places are important to us. It didn’t take long for us to agree – we love food, we love adventure, and we love our family. The sweet photos she took are us on an ordinary day. Messy, dirty, happy and honest. This is our kitchen.

– Holly

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