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My Moment of Honesty (Coming to terms with Celiac)

Moment of honesty:  After at least 8 years of bizarre health issues, gobs of testing, unexplained chronic malnourishment and four broken bones, five different doctors are all saying the same thing – I have Celiac Disease. I’ve vacillated between denial and anger and now I think I’m *finally* ready to come to terms with it. For some reason it seems a lot harder for me to grasp than my son’s food allergies.  On one hand, it’s a huge relief (yay! answers!) but on the other hand it makes me angry that it’s taken so long for my medical team to get to the bottom of this. And also – cake. I really like cake. (And really, God? I could use a break right about now. But not a bone kinda break.) I’ve been worried that people will say I’m going gluten-free just to be trendy, or label us as the most high-maintenance family ever. But honestly, I just don’t care about any of that anymore. I’m sick of being sick all the time and am ready to be healthy.

Fortunately, the treatment is pretty straight forward and a side effect will be getting healthier. I’m praying that I will be able to combat the accelerated bone loss through diet and supplements instead of strong drugs. If this had happened three years ago we would have been completely overwhelmed, but now that we’ve been living with our son’s food allergies it seems a little more manageable. In the midst of figuring out how to exclude another major food group we are going to have to get all of our family screened, starting with the kids. But, for now we will play, rejoice over having answers and focus on all the positive ways this is going to change my life.

– Holly

p.s. – I have read a bit about dealing with Celiac Disease on a few sites and taken gobs of time with my medical team, but I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing – particularly since we are a dairy and nut-free house. This is going to be a huge learning process and any recipes/tips are welcomed!

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