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Save Money, Organize your Life & Raise Money for your Organization!

We love all of our products, but one in particular holds a special place in our hearts – theFood Allergy Binder (TM). Perhaps it’s because its development was such a time-intensive labor of love, or it could be because we have seen how much it’s helped us and other food allergy families stay organized for our most important appointments.

We have truly thought through every aspect of the design, so that it is functional, durable and looks good on your counter.

After receiving numerous inquiries about bulk purchases of the Binder, we have decided to offer it as a fundraiser for food-allergy non-profit groups. That means that you can keep your food-allergy family safe AND raise money for your organization. How’s that for a win-win? All orders receive 10% off and participating organizations will receive a percentage back, based on the quantity of the order, up to 25%.

If you or someone you know would be interested, shoot us an email at holly@safehappyfamily.com for more info!

– Holly

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