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Like a Wildfire (A Father’s Wish)

Food Allergy Moms get a lot of love around here, but we thought today would be a good day to give some love to the men in our lives that keep it all together – the dads. Not just food allergy dads, but ALL dads. The men that have been there for us from the very beginning, loving us before we even had a name, doctoring our skinned knees, and beaming with pride at our littlest victories. Without them we wouldn’t be who we are.

Food Allergy Dads are a very special subset of dads, always going the extra mile to read labels (three times!) and hold our hands when we’re feeling anxious. We are particularly grateful to have Chris, an incredibly loving and caring man, as the father in our family. So, what did we get him for this Father’s Day? Well, he said he didn’t want anything, so we created a few things for him instead. We printed a few photos of the kids and hung them on the wall, gave him an hour of time to tinker in the garage, and shared the final version of this video that I (Holly) have been working on for a few months now. It wasn’t a total surprise, because we had to ask him to do the voice-over, but he hadn’t seen the photos that went along with it, so the finished product still brought tears to his eyes.

This is Chris’ story, shown through images I’ve captured since our food allergic son’s birth, along with some images from my talented friends Wesleyann of DearWesleyann and Gina Zeidler. (Thank you, ladies!)  His unspoken wish for this Father’s Day is for people to educate themselves about food allergies so that our son and the 15 million* Americans like him may live lives full of safety, peace and joy. Knowledge is power and together we can all make a difference. If each of the 15 million American food allergy sufferers share their food allergy stories with just two people then that would be 45 million people that know that much more. And imagine if the family of those 15 million in turn did the same!

Our wish for this Father’s Day is for you to take a few minutes share your story. If you’d like to share your story with us, then we’d love to hear it and possibly feature it on our blog. (Click here to contact us.)

We hope that you enjoy Chris’ story and have the most wonderful of days.

– Holly

* Statistics from FARE: http://www.foodallergy.org/facts-and-stats21

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