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The Big Birthday Surprise! (Product Review)

Now that our little guy is getting to the age where he can understand things more, we are looking for ways to help him understand his food allergies. Not only what it means and why it’s important for him to be careful, but also to instill that he doesn’t have to stop living – he just has to live differently. We have been told by physicians and other experts to give him age-appropriate information and make his allergies a fact of everyday life. For instance, we always make sure we have his epi with us before leaving the house, and we have him help us make sure it’s in his to-go bag. We warn him to not take food or drinks from other people because “it can make him sick and his tummy get upset.”

When we received a copy of My Kids Food Allergies (MKFA) personalized coloring book, we were absolutely tickled because we knew it was a cute and age-appropriate way to reinforce what we’re teaching him. After we submitted a photo of him, they incorporated it throughout the story and personalized it with his name.


Not only did the graphics make us giggle, but the story was simple enough for him to understand, short enough to hold his attention (six pages) AND the timing is perfect since his birthday is coming up. Here is an example of one of the inside pages:

His favorite part was that he could draw on it! He’s not quite to the age where he can work magic with a crayon, but he loves to scribble with sissy’s help.

Our version of the book came pre-printed, but digital downloads are also available, which is really handy to reprint for friends. We might print a few copies out for his friends at his birthday party to spread allergy awareness!

This fun coloring book is now available through MKFA’s website in both digital ($9.99) and print ($19.99) editions. They were kind enough to give us a copy for review, but their gift in no way influenced what we have to say about it. MKFA’s “Big Birthday Surprise” is a great way to educate your child about their food allergies and spread awareness to their friends. That is something that we can really get behind!

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