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New Lunch boxes. Germs not included!

Congrats, parents! You’ve made it most of the way through the school year. Here in Florida, the sun is shining and we’re off on Spring Break. Basically, what that means is that there are kids running around the house/yard in various states of undress, covered in mud and sand. We’re also catching up on our sleep and sleepovers and washing out all those backpacks and lunchboxes. Remember those shiny new ones you bought with excitement from your favorite store last August? Yeah, the pretty, shiny pink one your kid proudly carried to school on their first day. Now it’s covered with stains, gum, and GERMS! Yes, that’s correct. Your sweet little baby’s adorable prized lunchbox is N.A.S.T.Y!!!

According to a 2010 study conducted by Dr. Charles Gerba (aka “Dr. Germ”) and the University of Arizona in a K-12 school system found that the germiest place at school is the cafeteria table. Yucky, right? Imagine the implications for kids with food allergies… In addition to germs, those little cafeteria tables are covered in proteins from peanuts, dairy, and who knows what else!

We’ve known that keeping kids’ food and eating area safe while their meals has been a top priority for food allergy parents. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t come up with a solution we approved of. Until we found these lunchboxes (aka – the coolest lunchboxes EVER!)

Our new lunch boxes are not only stylish and soft, but they are machine-washable and quick drying. Plus, kids love showing them off to their friends!

Constructed of durable neoprene, they hold an average lunch (drink, fruit, large sandwich) and are opened by four rugged but easy-to-use zippers.


The opening is the coolest part though! This lunchbox is convertible. Yes, it changes. Just like those Transformers you played with as a kid. You can basically think of it as the Optimus Prime of the lunchroom. All you have to do is unzip the box, use it like a placemat, and then wad it up in your bag when you’re done.


As soon as the kids get home, you can throw it in the washing machine and hang it to dry. And just like magic, it will be dry the next morning! This is incredibly handy if you want to carry it with you to the beach or park. You can just wash the grime away!

Our Safe & Happy Lunchboxes are now available in four fun color options and they all unfold to provide a 17″x17″ eating surface.

Check them out in our store and snag your favorite color today!

– Holly & Chris

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