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A Cup of Encouragement (The Amazing Mug)

A few weeks ago we thought we might have to completely rename our company… The toddler had an ear infection, the first grader woke up not only on the wrong side of the bed but the whole house, daddy didn’t get enough sleep, and mommy (that’s me) just felt completely overwhelmed. There were dishes overflowing in the sick, emails unanswered, laundry (all clean, mind you) piled up EVERYWHERE… You get the point. In that moment I honestly just looked around, laughed and thought “Ahhhh… Maybe we should be Safe & Cranky Family?” That doesn’t have quite the same ring to it though, so we left it alone. Needless to say, there were a couple of rough hours but we got through it. I found myself continuing to feel slightly discouraged, thinking “What can I do to make this all better and everyone happy?” It was then that I heard a quiet little voice in my head (my subconscious, God, or something else) that said “You are doing an AMAZING job.” And then I just smiled and thought, “Yes. Yes, I AM doing an amazing job.”

It was then that the idea for our latest product was born. Since then that little seed of a thought has transitioned from my head to a poorly drawn sketch, to a beautiful product – a physical reminder and daily affirmation to myself that I am doing the best I can.

Since the mugs first arrived at our door, I’ve gifted them to several people I really thought deserved it. The babysitter that holds my child when he’s sick so I can run a business (two, actually) from home… To the grandparents, that bring us dinner and help us bake allergy-free meals… The colleague that is having a really disappointing week and could use some encouragement… The teacher that teaches and nurtures our child… This mug was made for those women and all of those like them. Not just food allergy moms, but for those that help make our lives a little more peaceful and are always there for us, loving and accepting us when we’re not at our finest and rejoicing with us in our little victories.

We hope that this mug brings the same smile to your face that it has mine, and that if you have a day like ours, you’ll take it out of the cupboard to remind yourself that you are good enough. And those days when everyone listens to you, is properly dressed, and on their best behavior? It’s for those days too. Because everyone could use a cup of encouragement. After all – you really are doing an amazing job!

– Holly

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