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life, simplified (welcome to the new site!)

After months of thinking/talking/praying about it, I felt that it was time to simplify life by streamlining my online presence.  For those

like watching paint dry

Staring at the wall, I wondered if the way I perceived the color had something to do with the fact I’d inhaled too many fumes.  Or perhaps

the view from my chair

Lately I’ve found myself in the odd situation of being forced to rest.   Today I wanted to be up running around, but instead I was

can’t take away the smile

Coming in the door, I was greeted with a huge sparkly sunshine – the kind I always tried to draw as a kid but never quite pulled off with

getting better slowly

It wasn’t the meatball’s fault.   All the round, brown pieces of meat had done was lay there and allowed themselves to be smothered in a

overcoming fear (and seeing what God has in store)

It wasn’t very far – ten to fifteen feet at the most.  I could probably get there, but instead I froze. A few hours earlier I’d

tahini-free hummus veggie wraps

When you have a family with lots of food restrictions, you have to get a little creative.  It’s taken a few years to get into the swing of

bend but not break

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while.  Written it out (in my head) a few times.  But every time, I decided that some things were

safe beauty

Back in fifth grade, I did a research paper on chemicals in cosmetics – despite not actually wearing any makeup, somehow the topic was

Epi-Pen Recall!

Howdy friends! We’ve been taking a hiatus from blogging because… life. We have lots of things planned to post about, but

6 Tips for Beating Eczema

Our food allergy story, like many of yours, began with unrelenting eczema. Itching. Scratching. Red, oozy spots. The doctor said it was

Holiday Countdown

Hello, friends! This month commemorates the one-year anniversary of our site launch. Can you believe it? We have met so many amazing people