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Welcome to the all-new! I couldn’t be more excited about the new look of this site and am incredibly thankful to our designer, Jared, for understanding and executing my vision. He is the one that designed my very first logo six years ago (can’t believe it’s been that long!) and so it’s only fitting that he be the one to create my first completely custom site.

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Not only have we updated the entire look and feel of the site, I have updated our galleries with some of my favorite images that are hot-off-the-presses. All these changes really add up to a new “home” that’s clean, consistent, easy to navigate, and just generally makes me happy.

As a matter of fact, I’m so happy that I decided to do something crazy, as a thank you to all of the clients that have filled my heart over the years.

To celebrate the new site, I will be giving a complimentary heirloom album to all couples that book six or more hours of wedding day coverage by the end of the month. That’s a $1000 value!


Thank you for being you. I hope that you love the new look as much as I do!!!

– Holly

We’re on a roll lately with super-sweet and emotional weddings. Christin and Tom’s certainly carried on that tradition! The two love-birds exuded love and joy throughout the day and many (happy) tears were shed by family and friends as they committed their lives to one another on the sun deck at the Hilton Sandestin before dancing the night away. Here are a few of my favorite moments from the day. Enjoy!

– Holly


Here are just a few of the many vendors that made this day possible:

Event Coordination: Kiss the Bride Wedding Planning

Photography: Holly Gardner Photography

Videography: Evan Lanier, Theory Y

Florist: Perfect Day

Officiant: Danny de Armas

Makeup artist: Rebecca Griffin

Hair Stylist: Rachel Smoker and Jamie Barnes

DJ: BBoy Productions


When I walked into the house and met her, I had a feeling that I couldn’t quite place. Katie was an absolutely stunning bride, but there was something else too… As she stepped out of their Rosemary Beach cottage and struck a pose, I knew exactly what was so different. Katie was an absolute, honest-to-goodness, trip and the joy that everyone felt was absolutely contagious. Once I regained my composure from chuckling,  I sat back and watched, waiting to document the emotions that were sure to spring forth throughout the day. And spring they did! From Michael’s tears at the altar to their moments of laughter together, to the extra- long embraces with family, this Carillon Beach wedding flowed over with all the things that make me happy. Not only pretty little things and good food, but real, raw emotion. Love. Laughter. And lots and lots of happily ever after.

– HollyClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto001ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto002ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto003ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto004ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto005ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto006ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto007ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto008ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto009ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto010ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto011ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto012ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto013ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto014ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto015ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto016ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto017ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto018ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto019ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto021ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto022ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto023ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto024ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto026ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto028ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto029ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto030ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto031ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto032ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto033 ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto034ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto035ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto036ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto037ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto038ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto039ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto040ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto041ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto042ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto044ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto045ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto046ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto047ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto048ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto049ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto050ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto051ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto053ClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto057rClarkMendozaCarillonWeddingPhoto056

 Here are just a few of the many vendors that made this day possible:

Event Coordination: Carillon Weddings

Photography: Holly Gardner Photography

Florist: Bella Flora

Cake Artist: Sweet for Sirten

Officiant: Kevin Tillman

Makeup artist: Jamie Gummere, Paint Me Pretty

Hair Stylist: Mindy Norris

DJ: Paul Kirker, GTS Entertainment

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There’s just something about the way the light dances as it’s filtered through the mossy oaks in the South. It adds a layer of beauty and softness to the evening. One recent Saturday, Joyce and Jimmy said their vows as that magical light shone upon them. After threats of storms, the sun came out and the skies cleared just in time for their ceremony. They pledged their lives to one another by the Wedding Tree at Eden Gardens and then danced the night away under a beautiful tent. The love of their family and sheer joy they felt was evident by the smiles on their faces and reflected in the images that were captured. Here are a few highlights of their day!

– Holly


Here are just a few of the many vendors that made this beautiful day happen:

Event coordinator: Elegant Beginnings

Decor: Ceremony Design Company

Florist: Myrtie Blue

Makeup artist: Blush Beauty Lounge

Hair Stylist: Jeremy

Cake artist: Sweet Choice Bakery

Officiant: Mike Taylor

Music: BBoy Productions

The moment that he asked is one that I will always remember. We were getting ready for dinner and stepped out on the porch of the Seaside home that was formerly the Vera Bradley Inn.  He knelt on one knee and started talking. What he said, I honestly can’t remember – I know there were lots of nice words and something about forever, but the flood of emotions coursing through my brain left me speechless. The only reminder that I had even said yes was the fact that I ended up with a ring on my left hand. I had made an outward and visible promise to spend the rest of my life with Chris. Four years ago this week we made that promise legal, with an intimate ceremony on a family farm north of town. We stood in the rain and said “I Do” before our immediate family. That moment, just as when my husband had asked for my hand, flew by and most of the memories I have come from images of that day, and the memories that flood back every time I smell a spring rain. John recently met his match in Mary Beth and decided to move their relationship to the next level during a vacation in Panama City Beach. Ever the planner, he contacted me and asked if I could photograph the proposal. We coordinated the time and location and I sat on the beach, trying to blend into the tourists. Sprawling out on a lawn chair, I tried to hide my camera under a bag, but when I realized that wasn’t working I started taking photos of birds. (Yes, I now have a gazillion photos of seagulls, in case you’re wondering.) The beach had emptied out and I easily spotted them walking along. He knelt on one knee and I ducked behind a chair, attempting to be stealthy among a sea of white sand. Mary Beth said yes and they embraced as I watched from a distance, documenting the moment as well as the sweet minutes that followed. This assignment was one that I will forever remember and I was honored that he asked me to photograph it. John and Mary Beth – congratulations and a happy engagement! – Holly  SimmonsPanamaCityBeachProposalPhoto001SimmonsPanamaCityBeachProposalPhoto002SimmonsPanamaCityBeachProposalPhoto003SimmonsPanamaCityBeachProposalPhoto004SimmonsPanamaCityBeachProposalPhoto005SimmonsPanamaCityBeachProposalPhoto006SimmonsPanamaCityBeachProposalPhoto007SimmonsPanamaCityBeachProposalPhoto008