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We’re always the first… As soon as Thanksgiving comes, you can count on the Gardner family having our Christmas cards planned and ready to go out the door. This year we’ve been a little (ok, a lot) off the ball and completely missed the mark. What we’re considering doing is sending Valentine’s Day cards instead. Or perhaps even St. Patrick’s Day cards. (We’ll start a trend.) What I do have ready though is something else that’s far sparklier and more fun – photos from Kristen & Gabe’s wedding! Their wedding was a few weeks ago at the Carillon Beach Meeting House, followed by a reception at Runaway Island in Panama City Beach. Their day was full of love, laughter and chocolate cake – all of my favorite things. 😉 After their Carillon wedding (coordinated by Avis Glenister) they caught the last light of the day and danced the night away.

I hope that you enjoy this Christmas and that these images bring a little extra sparkle to your day.






Here are just a few of the many vendors that made this day possible:

Ceremony venue: Carillon Meeting House

Ceremony coordinator: Carillon Weddings, Avis Glenister

Reception venue: Runaway Island

Reception coordinator/florist: Signature Events, Clay Keels

Photography: Holly Gardner Photography

Cake: Fatty Patty’s

DJ: BBoy Entertainment, Daniel Davis

Makeup Artist: Morgan King

Hairstylist: Amber Conner

Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero from Simply Elegant Bridal

Ring: Mahajara’s Jewelry

The nip at my  toes let me know the moment I awoke that things were changing… This morning’s air was crisp and cool, the perfect excuse for me to wear my favorite old sweatshirt as I headed out the door to get the little to school. As soon as I returned home, I cuddled up next to a hot pot of coffee and finished topping off batteries before packing up for the last wedding of the year.

Every year, it comes around the same time and carries with it familiar feelings. Joy. Relief. Pride. Hopefulness. Reflection. Thirty amazing couples. That’s how many have trusted me to document their weddings this year. Each one unique in style and personality, but all with a common trait – they love one another and view their wedding day as the start of a new adventure. It’s humbling, really. Looking back at the calendar and realizing how many have trusted me with their most intimate of moments.

Before I run out the door for Kristen and Gabe’s wedding at the Carillon Meeting House, I wanted to share a few photographs from a recent wedding that was unique and fun-filled – JP & Sheena’s rustic wedding at Southern Lea Farms. Between the stormy skies, elegant décor and the huge smiles on their faces, this wedding was just… everything. Congrats to JP & Sheena – I wish you many years of love and joy!

– Holly



Here are a few of the many people that made this day possible: 

Venue: Southern Lea Farms

Photography: Holly Gardner Photography

Hair & Makeup: Heavenly Hair, Summer Gay

Florist: Blossoms, Kirby Holt

Officiant: Mike Littleton

DJ: Southern Thunder (David Bass)

On this eve of Thanksgiving, I’m reminded of all the things I’m thankful for. There are the obvious things, like having a roof over my head and a loving family, as well as the smaller things, like the way my son smelled as he fell asleep rubbing my arm as he lay on my chest. Among the things I’m most thankful for is that I’ve been allowed into the most intimate moments of people’s lives. I’ve been in business for six and a half years now and every time I think of how far I’ve come (and have yet to go!) I can’t help but smile. I’ve always thought that my smile was more of an inner smile, until a client at a commercial shoot last week started laughing and said, “Do you realize that you smile every single time you take a picture? Without fail. Every time. It’s something I’ve never seen!”

I smile because I’m thankful for you. Thank you for sharing your hearts. Thank you for trusting in me. Thank you for loving one another wildly and unabashedly and valuing the importance of the littlest moments and choosing to document them on film. Thank you for referring me to friends like Dana and Ryan, who were recently wed in an art gallery in front of their closest friends. And thank you for being comfortable enough in your own skin to laugh, cry and rejoice in front of me. It’s a privilege I don’t take lightly and am grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

– Holly


Here are a few of the many people that made this day possible: 

Venue: Panama City Centre for the Arts

Photography: Holly Gardner Photography

Cake: Fatty Patty’s Bakery

Officiant: Dawn Brooks

Hair: Indulgence Salon & Spa

Makeup: Becca Griffith

Rentals: Panache Tent & Event

I’ve been on a run lately of having the coolest, most adventurous, intelligent, loving, and elegant-yet-unassuming couples ever. I’m not sure if it’s the result of good karma, the fact that I believe if you put yourself out there you will “find your tribe,” or that the world is actually just full of more and more amazing people. It could be some combination of all of the above, but I figure that at this point I’m just not going to question it.

Daniel and Julie were one recent couple that reflected all of those things and their wedding at Carillon Beach was pure perfection – from the sweet ceremony at the Carillon Meeting House to the way all of the guests walked to the beach to watch sunset, the words that came to my mind were “soaking it in.” They soaked in the beauty around them… Soaked in the love of one another… Soaked in the time spent with those they love… Soaked in every second of their day. As I look back upon these photos I smile, knowing that not only was it everything they wanted it be, but the images reflect who they are and their true hearts.

– Holly


Here are a few of the many people that made this day possible: 

Venue: Carillon Beach, FL; Carillon Meeting House

Wedding Coordinator: Avis Glenister, Carillon Weddings

Photography: Holly Gardner Photography

Florist: Fisher’s Flowers

DJ: DJ Paul, GTS Entertainment

Rentals: Elegant Tents & Events

Before I had kids, I used to love big crowds and the constant thump of my favorite tunes coming through my speakers. If someone wasn’t talking, it made me kind of twitchy and I’d try to fill the silence with conversation. As I’ve grown, I’ve come to embrace silence… And in that quiet place, I’ve found that I’m able to see the world more clearly and find beauty in simplicity and the pauses life gives us… The glances shared among lovers, the gestures of a child as she seeks the words to tell her mother how much she loves her, the way our breathing slows to a near halt as we type with fury about the things we feel so passionately about. Like how Kristina & Shane looked at one another when they said “I do.” Their wedding was simultaneously simple and intense, and beautiful in every way. There were waterslides and kids screaming, parents beaming, and both water and tears moving. Quiet simplicity… Loving warmth… Their day was everything I love.

– Holly

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