Meet Holly:gardner02r(Profile picture by Kira Derryberry) Holly, our lead photographer and studio owner, is a passionate wedding photographer for adventurous couples. She hates shoes, loves pretty light, lives for her family, and seeks to capture couples at their finest. Over the past six years she’s been fortunate enough to photograph hundreds of couples and families throughout the United States. Based in Panama City Beach, Florida, she is proud to call the Gulf Coast her home and work along the gorgeous beaches of 30A in South Walton. Her documentary wedding and editorial work has been featured in both domestic international print publications. She also believes in donating at least 5% of my income to humanitarian organizations that support widows and orphans, and encouraging others to savor every moment they have with those they love. If you’d like to learn more about Holly, then you can do so here.








_HG10676rMeet Chrystal:
Chrystal is our associate photographer, baby whisperer, and endless font of calm and strength. After growing up in Panama City Beach, she returned back to her roots and now works alongside Holly. She has quickly proven herself indispensable and is a regular fixture at weddings and beach portrait sessions. When she’s not chasing light, you will probably find her working out, relaxing on the beach, or playing with her puppy, Moose.








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