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lunch how-to (the perfect hard-boiled egg)

A dear friend once told me “Eggs are the perfect food. They have everything you need to grow a baby chicken.” The first time she said it, I couldn’t help but laugh. But now, some twenty odd years later I’ve come to realize just how right she is.

It’s no secret that I’m on a serious weight-loss kick. I’ve had to lose a few pounds here and there before, but I’ve never struggled with weight like I have the past six months. I think my struggles are due to a combination of not being able to walk or do much of anything for months on end and being pumped full of medicines with who-knows-what-side-effects. All that aside, the end result is that I’ve gained a whopping 25.71429% of my body weight (give or take a few thousandths) quite rapidly. Fortunately, I know enough about health and fitness to know how to take things into my own hands. Enter the eggs…

instant pot hard boiled eggs

While eggs may not typically be thought of as a health food, hard-boiled eggs have become a staple of my new favorite thing – the bento lunch. After months of carrying around a bunch of glass containers, I finally splurged and bought a bento lunchbox that I’d been eyeing for months. The cute little thing is not only adorable, it helps me with portion control. I’ve never been one for huge portions, but as someone who likes to snack throughout the day, the bento box is definitely helping me keep my eating habits in check. After a few days of limiting my portions to a set amount of produce, fats and protein a day, I quickly realized that things weren’t working so well though. Carrots, snap peas and strawberries are delicious, but I was absolutely starving. And cranky. My stomach groans were audible and quite hard to ignore while I was in meetings. That’s when I decided to start adding in avocados, eggs, cheese and nuts. I really struggled the decision to add cheese and nuts because of my son’s anaphylactic allergies, so I only eat them when I’m at work and won’t be home for a few hours – hence my tendency to eat more eggs.

The thing about hard-boiled eggs is that, while they may be tasty and full of protein, they can be a real pain in the rear to peel. Particularly when you’re short on time and eating over a keyboard, which is pretty much my daily routine. I’ve ended up with egg shells not only on the floor, but in between my keyboard keys and all over my desk. (You can only imagine how it smells if you don’t discover it quickly.) Fortunately, a friend of mine recently told me how to make the perfect hard-boiled egg in our Instant Pot – one that peels easily and is the perfect density. And it’s as easy can be! Curious? Here’s your How-to!

1. Place a wire rack or steamer tray at the bottom of your Instant Pot.
2. Add 1.5 cups of water.
3. Set Instant Pot to cook for 6 minutes
4. Allow the steam to quick release
5. Place the eggs into an ice bath
6. Drain the water and place in the fridge

The best thing about making a bunch of hard-boiled eggs (aside from how they peel perfectly) is that they can keep in the fridge for up to a week so you can make them ahead of time for your lunches. (Don’t believe me on how long they’ll keep? Read this handy fact sheet from the FDA!)

I hope you enjoy your perfect eggs. Leave me a comment and let me know how yours turn out!

– Holly

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