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kristina & shane (married)

Before I had kids, I used to love big crowds and the constant thump of my favorite tunes coming through my speakers. If someone wasn’t talking, it made me kind of twitchy and I’d try to fill the silence with conversation. As I’ve grown, I’ve come to embrace silence… And in that quiet place, I’ve found that I’m able to see the world more clearly and find beauty in simplicity and the pauses life gives us… The glances shared among lovers, the gestures of a child as she seeks the words to tell her mother how much she loves her, the way our breathing slows to a near halt as we type with fury about the things we feel so passionately about. Like how Kristina & Shane looked at one another when they said “I do.” Their wedding was simultaneously simple and intense, and beautiful in every way. There were waterslides and kids screaming, parents beaming, and both water and tears moving. Quiet simplicity… Loving warmth… Their day was everything I love.

– Holly

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