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A Safe & Happy Easter!

Party invitations have always been exciting… There’s just something about receiving a piece of paper in the mail with your name on it, asking you to take part in a celebration. However, once our little dude was diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies, the thought of being surrounded by all the foods he’s allergic to has dampened our enthusiasm quite a bit. Our son is at the age where he is getting into and grabbing everything – and I mean EVERYTHING.

Once we found this nifty little product birthday parties became much easier for us. Our cupcake holders allow our little guy to participate during cake time without the issue of allergens tainting his food. He is able to feel included during typical activities, which was our main goal when selecting this product to share with you all. (Pardon our bad cupcake decorating skills!)

Food allergies require a lot of change within a family – but we believe that even with the required changes in lifestyle, those suffering from severe allergies can still be safe and happy! These cupcake holders provide a safe (not to mention cute) way of carrying along allergen free foods; they are a convenient size and can be stored in lunch boxes, backpacks, or purses. We no longer fear our son feeling excluded at a party because he is unable to participate in the activities – we simply pack his own sweet treat!

They are currently available in one color (clear), but a little bunny told us that there just might be a limited selection of other colors available as well. You can go ahead and order yours today or be sure to follow us on Instagram to grab your special color tomorrow!

Here’s to a safe and Happy Easter!

– Holly & Chris

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