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An Overview of Food Allergies (Book Review)

Today we wanted to share our thoughts on an e-book that was recently published by our friends at “My Kids Food Allergies.” You may have noticed that they recently completely rebranded and updated their site, adding additional resources and a handy learning center. They also recently completed their e-book, “An Overview of Food Allergies: For parents in need of answers.” We were able to get our hands on a copy of this book and wanted to share some of our thoughts.

Intended for parents of kids with food allergies, this book was really applicable to all audiences. It provided a wonderful overview of many aspects of life with food allergies and is a wonderful resource for the newly-diagnosed. We also learned lots of tidbits as well!

Overall, we were very pleased with the design and accessibility of the book. You may save it to your computer or on your iPad as a pdf to read at your leisure and refer to later. One of our favorite features of the book was the bright “Food Allergy Myth” boxes spread throughout it. An example of one is below:


One of the more helpful features was the list of symptoms communicated by children with food allergies, with accompanying graphics. We felt like this could really help parents understand when their child is having a reaction.

But our FAVORITE part of the book was this world map, which shows the range of food allergens in order of decreasing frequency in specific countries. Our whole family spent quite a while reviewing it and postulating theories as to why certain allergens might be more common in different areas. The only thing we wish was included was a ranking of allergens in the U.S. for comparison. We loved how informative it was, and displaying it on a map really helped everyone understand the data in a more visual way.

We feel like the authors really went out of their way to compile the most relevant food allergy research without overwhelming the reader. We only with such a resource had been around when we started our food allergy journey!

The e-book is currently being sold on their site for $9.99, which is definitely worth it. While they gave us a copy to read and review free of charge, we would have definitely paid more for it!

Be sure to head on over to their site to support them in their mission and get a chance to join in on their Launch Party and win free loot runs throughout the month of February!

– Holly

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