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Thrive: Kathy Thornburg

Happy Monday again, friends! We hope that everyone had a happy and safe weekend.

Last week’s post in the Thrive Series was such a hit that we wanted to continue it by putting the spotlight on another food allergy family – the Thornburg clan! Kathy has her hands full with two precious little kiddos, one with eczema and the other with multiple food allergies. She has some really great ideas for all of us and we are so glad she wanted to share. Enjoy!

– Holly

I am a stay at home mom of two fantastic children, Milo (age 3) and Eden (age 1). My son, Milo, has eczema, a severe peanut allergy, moderate egg allergy, moderate dog allergy, and has newly been diagnosed with asthma. My daughter, Eden, has eczema and has no known food allergies.

We spend our days dancing, singing, building blanket forts with dad, putting together puzzles, reading books, and playing with our food.

What are five tips, tricks or products that have made your life with food allergies (or just life in general) easier?


When the weather is hot in the summer, we put our EpiPens in a Frio pouch to keep them at a safe and cool temperature. We love that once the gel in the pouch is activated, it stays cool for multiple days and then can be reused again and again.

We have a peanut allergy Allermates brand bracelet that our son wears when we leave the house, especially on days we know he will be in someone else’s care. This is a helpful reminder to his teachers at church that they need to be extra careful when snack time rolls around.


Milo loves to help cook the family dinner and gives us the opportunity to talk about ingredients, recipes, labels, and safe foods. We enjoy making lunch fun by creating bento meals (usually with a theme). Milo often has a say in what theme we choose and what foods go into his Bentgo lunch box.


Last year, I wrote Milo songs to teach him about his food allergies. This proved to be a great way to encourage conversations about food allergies and to continually reinforce important safety messages he needed him to remember.


Finding a local support group was a great way for our family to connect with others in the food allergy community and enjoy special food allergy friendly events together. I have also found so much support and helpful resources through social media and the many other parents of children with food allergies (and adults with food allergies) who are always sharing about their experiences online.

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