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Thrive Series: Chris

Good morning, friends! Today we wanted to kick off a new series of blog posts called The Thrive Series.  The purpose of these posts will be to spotlight food allergy families that choose to focus on the positive, and share a few of their tips, tricks, and favorite products. Why “thrive”? Well, it’s a word that I have been attracted to for a number of years. According to the smart folks at Merriam-Webster Dictionary online, the definition of “thrive” is: “to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances.” How much more fitting could that words be for food allergy families???

The first person that we want to spotlight is our own Chris (aka – daddy). He’s a man of few words and prefers to stay behind the scenes, letting me (Holly) run all the blogging and social media. Don’t think he’s not super involved though! Last night he took the time to be the guinea pig and answer some of our questions. Take it away, Chris!

– Holly

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