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Our Life as an Epi-Family (In the Press)

One of the things that’s helped us as we’ve navigated our own food allergy family has been to connect with others going through the same thing. You’ve read Kendall’s story before (if you haven’t yet, you should) and how her family has been full of encouragement and education. We have also enjoyed following many food allergy bloggers, particularly those with kids. Reading and sharing one anothers’ struggles and victories makes us feel just a little bit less alone.

One of the families that we have quietly enjoyed following is Lauren and the kids from “Our Life as an Epi-Family.” Both of her (adorable) boys suffer from food allergies, so after following her on Instagram, we connected with her to see if her family would like to test out some of our products. We were SO excited to read her recent review that we wanted to share some of her pictures along with a few highlights from the article.

The picture, below, was our favorite. Don’t the boys look like a ton of fun? Here’s a snippet of what she said:

“Their superhero plates and bowls are some of my favorites!  My little men each have one and it’s by far their most favorite plate in the cupboard (they even like it better than their Star Wars plates, and that is saying a lot!)!  As they sit at the dinner table awaiting their meal, I overhear them chatting and giggling about how they are food allergy superheroes.  They are totally convinced that the boy on the plate is them, which warms my heart and brings a smile to my face.”

Also commenting on the plates:

“I always leave these plates out for grandparents and babysitters to use when we are gone.  In my opinion, you can never remind others too much.”

They also adored our Allergy-Safe platters, and we love how they leave it out all the time to indicate that’s where their “safe snacks” are:

“I love the Allergy-Alert Cutting Board that they created and the fun platters (one is shown above) that not only act as a reminder to those preparing the food, but are also a good way for kids to know what food is safe for them to eat.  I keep my Allergy-Safe Platter filled with “safe” snacks that my little men can eat when they get hungry.  They know that they don’t have to ask if it’s on the platter.”

Because we sympathize with their situation so much, we just had to send a fewpersonalized bag tags. Don’t they look perfect on their dinosaur backpacks? The monkey is pretty awesome too. 😉

“Both of my little men have one on their backpacks and I feel safer knowing that it’s easy to spot by others.”

While we didn’t send her a mug (we shipped their loot before the first batch arrived), we love that she was so tickled by them as well:

“Okay now these are AWESOME!  I want one of each! *Hubster, if you are reading this…hint…hint!* The mugs make me smile and speak so well to my inner food allergy mom superhero.”

Please be sure to check out the full review here and follow them on social media as well! They are hosting a giveaway for a full set of dinnerware) that you may enter until February 9th on their site.

Lauren, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on our products. We appreciate you and what you’re doing for the food allergy community!!!

– Holly & Chris

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