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Giveaway winner! (and a suspicious cow)

Good morning, friends! We hope that you’re having a WONDERFUL holiday weekend. We spent yesterday at Chris’ grandmother’s farm, visiting with family and making funny faces at livestock. Spending time to unwind and be with those we love is what makes us happy. And what plan on doing even more in 2015. Here’s a random photo of one of our new friends. He was very suspicious of us and spent a while staring us down.

We bet you’re probably curious about the winner of our giveaway though, aren’t you? (Although the cow is cute, don’t you think?) Well, it just so turns out that we just randomly selected someone, with the help of a random number generator. We have had so much fun looking at the entries in our #safehappy2015 contest! There can only be one winner though… What we did was use a random number generator to select a number from the unique entries.

That landed us on this beautiful entry (shown below) by Becky of Adventurous and Allergic!!! We also love what she said. Family time always wins!!!

Becky, if you can email us at holly@safehappyfamily.com with your address then we’ll get one of our new X-Ray Vision mugs shipped your way soon. We appreciate all of your entries and hope that you have a Safe and Happy year!!!

– Holly & Chris


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