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Love & Laughter (In the Press)

When I started my first small business over five years ago, I felt like I was completely in it on my own. I honestly didn’t know very much about what I was doing and didn’t have a community of people to share my everyday small-business struggles with. Since then, I’ve learned a lot. (And I’m sure that five years from now I’ll say that in 2015 I was so clueless. 😉 ) Fortunately, I have Chris to walk through life with me and help me make important business decisions. I’ve also built friendships with others in the creative world, because it really is so different from any other job sector. Some of these relationships have been in person and others have been online. I’ve tried to be intentional in who I surround myself with and where I dedicate my time. One of those groups has been Pursuit 31 – “a nationwide community of creatives who live to bring God glory through their work, their homes and their lives.” Because I’ve been busy growing humans, I haven’t had the opportunity to be as large a part of this group as I’d like. But I try to peruse the online forum and chime in where I see fit.

When the Safe & Happy Family site went live, I worked up the nerve to reach out to those in the Pursuit Community for feedback before making any sort of big announcement. I was excited. I was nervous. I felt the fear. But I did it anyway. I announced our business and waited (very impatiently) to see what people thought about the little site we had worked so hard on.

The feedback was amazing. One girl, Allyson, told me of her infant’s experiences with galactosemia. While this illness is not a food allergy, it bears some similarities in that ingesting any milk can be incredibly harmful.

According to Medline, “If an infant with galactosemia is given milk, substances made from galactose build up in the infant’s system. These substances damage the liver, brain, kidneys, and eyes. Persons with galactosemia cannot tolerate any form of milk (human or animal).”

(You can read more about Allyson’s story here.) Fortunately, her infant is now doing better. But she was left with an understanding of what it’s like to know that a food can seriously injure your child. When she read our story and mission, she decided to feature us on a blog she contributes to, Love & Laughter (formerly Bumps to Bottles).


Safe & Happy Family feature in Love & Laughter blog

We are excited about our first feature and to be a part of their beautiful blog! Click here to read the full article. Thank you to Allyson and the writers at Love & Laughter for taking the time to spread the work about Safe & Happy Family. We appreciate you!

– Holly

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