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gemvara product photos

I recently received one of the wilder assignments I’ve had for a while. I was hired by a wedding blog, A Practical Wedding (APW), to photograph detail shots for a jewelry company. Up until the super-secure and serious looking FedEx man arrived at my door with an overnight package, I had no idea what exactly I would be photographing. I just knew it was some sort of jewelry. Leave it to Meg and the APW staff to blow my mind! Well, it turned out that they’d hired me to photograph seven AMAZING rings by Gemvara. Drool-worthy. There were emeralds and diamonds and all sorts of exotic gemstones. All in my hands. It was almost a bit too much for me to handle… Once my nerves and my internal monologue quieted down a bit (“This is wild! I can’t believe they trusted me with all this!”)  I locked them up in a safe and slowly got around to photographing them over the next week. Now that they are out of my possession (whew!) and on the pages of APW, I wanted to share a few of my favorites. Enjoy this shoot, which is a little something fun and out of the ordinary!

– Holly







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