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an evening with angie

Three and a half years ago we sat in a room together, pouring our hearts out to complete strangers. “I want to improve and be taken seriously. I want to do what it takes to do what I love full-time and not fail.” Saying that out loud was embarrassing. And scary. But the eyes of the ladies in the room were kind and their hearts were open. We only spent a day together, but the friendships formed from the Making Things Happen Intensive were powerful and different from others. Right off the bat, you met someone and saw them at their rawest. It was, for lack of a better word, intense. And as much as I went into it with more than a little doubt, it really was life-changing.

Angie was one of the ladies with me that day. Her cute boots and red hair made me smile and when I learned she was in college I couldn’t believe it – she seemed wise beyond her years. Since then, we’ve kept in touch and made sure to meet up when I was in Atlanta or she in Florida. We’ve watched each other grow in every way and cheered on one another’s successes from afar. A few months ago, I smiled as Angie quit her full-time job to pursue freelance graphic design and photography full-time. When I read her blog post explaining the transition I thought, “Well, of course!” When I wrote to congratulate her, she said that she was coming to 30A for a vacation and asked me to photograph her. I jumped at the opportunity, despite being more than a little nervous. Did I mention that she was the subject of the PDN Top Knots Grand Prize this year? (Which is a big deal in the photography world.) Yeah… So no pressure! As we hung out around Watercolor I realized that there was nothing to be intimidated by. Angie was the most natural subject I’ve EVER had. I’m really pleased with how these images turned out and am thrilled to see her using them in her new marketing materials. Enjoy!

– h

Angie Webb Watercolor Beach Fashion PortraitsAngie Webb Watercolor Fashion Windblown Beach PortraitsAngie Webb Watercolor Fashion Windblown Beach PortraitsAngie Webb Watercolor Fashion Facial Portrait Angie Webb Watercolor Beach Fashion Portraits In Front of Sand Dunes Angie Webb Watercolor Fashion PortraitsAngie Webb Watercolor Backlit Fashion PortraitsAngie Webb Watercolor Flower Garden Fashion PortraitsAngie Webb Watercolor Fashion Backlit Portraits

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