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diary of an upcoming high school cheerleader (aka- welcome, baby r!)

Standing in a line, we watched the older girls and struggled to keep up. Shaking my scrawny little legs and flat chest, I wondered how I would in four short years I could ever be as poised, confident and mature as the older girls. Even for the least-shy fourteen year old, entering high school is scary. Signing up to be a cheerleader at said school was doubly-scary. There were new routines, new outfits, and a sea of new faces, many of which just turned their noses up at me. Except for one upcoming senior… I can’t remember her exact words, but I recall her pulling me aside and saying something to the effect of “Come on, baby girl. Let me show you the moves. I’m Tina.” And it was then that I knew I’d be ok in this new school and that among the coolest of the cool remained a few leaders that put others first. It made a genuine impact on me and made me think a) about how a simple thing could mean so much to someone and b) how you never know who’s looking up to you.

A few years ago, Tina and I reconnected. I’m not sure if I’ve told her since how much I appreciate that simple gesture from way back in the fabulous 90’s. I’m sure that she doesn’t even remember it. But I do. When we reconnected as adults, I was pleased to learn that Tina was every bit of the vivacious, kind, funny (seriously… she’s hilarious) and genuine girl I’d met back before I’d hit puberty.

Several weeks ago I had the chance to photograph her with her sweet husband Peter and their new little love. They are building a house along 30A and so we decided to do something a little different and do their session in and around their house. There was dust, scaffolding, and drywall everywhere but we just rolled with it. Where there was no light, we made it.

I love these images of an old friend with her newly expanded family in their future home. Things look bright for the Romaines and it couldn’t be for more anyone more deserving. Cheers!



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