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party of three (baby e)

When I was a kid I thought that being a grown up was where it was it. I thought that I would be exactly the same, only nobody could boss me around and tell me to clean my room. I would be coolest parent ever, and would never yell at my kids… Well, now that I’m no longer a child, I realize that being a grown-up has its own set of responsibilities and playtime isn’t quite the same. And being a parent? Well, that’s just a whole new world. Instead of spending your nights out with friends, you spend your evenings with family staring at the baby and answering questions like “What does the baby do? Can she walk yet?”

The other day I had the opportunity to hang out with my friends, shortly after they welcomed their baby home. We stared at her, talked about how beautiful she is, and I took a few pictures. Just in case you’re wondering, the baby isn’t walking yet… But her parents are  handling life as a party of three with joy and grace.

Here are a few pictures of our time together. Enjoy!



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