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family & love: lindsey & ryan

This week, more than ever, I’m reminded of the importance of family and love. Not the fleeting “butterflies-in-your-stomach” kind of love, but rather the kind that’s going to hold your hair back as you’re at your sickest. The love that will be there for you through thick and thin. The family that will drop everything, lose a night of sleep, and be there for you when your entire family falls ill and you can’t take care of yourself, much less anyone else. The love of a brother as he watches his last of kin take his last breath.
A sweet friend reminded me this morning that that is all that matters. In these days of instant, around-the-clock access it’s easy to forget this. All the dings of electronic notifications can wait while we focus on what really  matters.

Lindsey and Ryan’s wedding embodied the epitome of this. There were very few cell phones and everybody was just in the moment. Enjoying one another. Watching as two people joined their lives together and formed a new family. Sure, the details were lovely and the sunset was amazing, but what impressed me most was watching everyone, completely relaxed and happy to be spending time together. Here are some pictures from their very lovely wedding day at Alys Beach.


Venue: Ceremony- Alys Beach; Reception- Fonville Press

Planner: Meghan Kelly

Officiant: Lacie Shepherd

Florist: Bella Flora

Musician: Chris Alvarado

Tents: H&M Tents


Alys Beach wedding

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